About Us


We are an independent trade union organization established in Central Europe to revitalize the activities and legacy of the International Organization of Journalists, established in 1946.

The founders of our Association were members of International Organization of Journalists for many years and, after its dissolution in 2016, stayed unofficially associated and continued with the activities. In 2021 the former members of the Organization decided to create the international trade union, to bring back its activities and combine them with connecting professional and independent journalists world-wide.

In the present, our Association has members in Central Europe – Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, Poland and Austria; Eastern Europe – Russia, Latvia, Estonia; Northern Europe – Finland; Southern Europe – Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Croatia and Greece; Western Europe – France, Portugal, Switzerland and Netherlands; Africa – Egypt, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Benin and Zambia.

Our members are actively contributing and volunteering in many NGO, making reports and investigations for independent publishing agencies.

Official language 

The Association does not have a strictly defined official language. Due to the registration in Central Europe, three languages are used in the Articles of the Association: Czech, English and Russian. Those are the main communication languages of the Headquarters. The website of the Association is in English, for simple usage in the automatic translation.

Articles of the Association 

(Personal data were erased out of the Articles due to the GDPR regulations.)